Introducing Samples Quick

Scimatic offers a Sample Management System called Samples.  Samples integrates with the full line of Ziath Scanners to provide a seamless process of registering and working with racked samples in a laboratory. There is often a case where a lab does not work with full racks of samples.  In small research labs a 10×10 rack of tubes may […]

Congratulations to Mekentosj

Last week, Alex at Mekentosj announced that they had been acquired by Springer Science + Business Media.

This is great news for Alex and his team, and really sets them up well for the future. The Mek team is a very agile team that gets a lot done, but as that post says, there are only so many hours per day. It looks like they will get to expand their resources on the Papers application in the future.

So … They Probably Found The Higgs

One of the first blog posts I wrote for Scimatic, back 3 1/2 years ago, was about the LHC and the Higgs Boson. At the time, I had some doubts about whether or not it was a good idea to put all our physics eggs in one giant CERN basket, and I think those concerns are still justified.

However, I didn’t think at the time it would only take 3 and 1/2 years for the LHC experiments to announce that they’d found the Higgs.

Samples 1.3 – Scan, Track, Go!

In the latest release of Samples comes some big changes. We have added some great new features and we have decided to remove some also… In the planning for Samples 1.3 we had to make a decision on what path to take for Samples future. We already had a strong feature set for capturing experimental details (electronic lab notebook (ELN)). We have also been building up a new set of functionality for sample tracking through our new partnership with Ziath.


We’re working on a client project where one of the requirements was a Sparkle-style updating mechanism. For those of you who are Mac folks, you’ll be familiar with the Sparkle “A new version of YOUR FAVOURITE APP is available!” window, with the options to skip, remind me later, or install the update.

Fortunately, there are at least two open-source versions of Sparkle for .NET programmers: